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You want to properly manage Technical Knowledge because it's a key asset of your business

You want to develop the non-technical skills of your Engineers and Engineering Managers

You want to quickly onboard and train new Engineers because business is growing fast


You want to increase engineering output and quality while keeping headcount stable

You want to streamline remote cooperation because of the postcovid era

You want to build a value-driven environment because it will engage your Engineers

You want to stop managerial guesswork and grow your Engineering Team quickly and systematically

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Help You Grow a Benchmark Engineering Team

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How can we help you?


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Trainings and Inspiring Keynotes

to support the leadership, communication & productivity of Engineers and Engineering Managers


to accelerate the career of Engineers and Engineering Managers

Team Development and Knowledge Management Frameworks

to rapidly develop Engineering Teams and avoid common pitfalls

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Hi, my name is Michael Houben.


I'm a passionate developer of Engineering Teams, founder of MACH 8 and hold a PhD in Engineering.

For the past +15 years, I developed my professional career in highly international environments and Fortune 500 Global Engineering Companies, 10 years from a leading position, including 3 as an expat in China.


During this exciting period, I experienced first hand what it takes to grow a Benchmark Engineering Team. A team where trust rules, knowledge flows and grows, and high output and quality astonishes stakeholders.

I look forward to meet you, and help you grow your Engineering Team!

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'Quickly deployed a solid foundation for efficient capacity increase and good working mentality.

Output became continuously measured and increased steadily.

Heartily recommended.'

General manager, located in China, automotive sector

Free resources to support your Engineering Career

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5 Essential Non-Technical Skills for Engineers

Including practical tips to implement them in your daily work 

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Instant Self-Paced Mentoring for Engineers 

Insights to work smarter, communicate clearer & lead better. 100% online.


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