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5 Essential Non-Technical Skills for Engineers

Including practical tips to implement them in your daily work.

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Instant Self-Paced Mentoring for Engineers 

Insights to work smarter, communicate clearer & lead better. 100% online.

Your Partner in Developing a Benchmark Engineering Team


'Michael is open and enthusiastic, with a high sense for doing the right thing on the right moment. He shows that professionalism perfectly can be combined with a human touch!'

“The training was exciting and well put together. Top!'

'Michael has outstanding management skill and great charisma. He's particularly strong with a multicultural and diverse workforce. Strongly recommended.'  

'In the past, our team had arrows flying in all directions. Now they are aligned, and we improve with a clear vision. This gives a comfortable feeling!'

'What struck me the most, is the high level of efficiency in achieving results.'

'Thank you for the interesting training!'

'Michael's presence and input was absolutely of added value. Thank you for your commitment.'

'Fun training, I will definitely continue to work with it.'

'Thank you Michael for your inspiring keynote 👍'

'I can recommend Michael's training to everyone! Very concrete and full of practical tips.'

'Significant contribution to our development as a global company. Cooperating has been a pleasure.'

'Michael is a strong leader who's able to quickly develop departments to benchmark level. His teams deliver outstanding work in projects, and possess a growth mindset that allows them to continuously get better and exceed expectations. His innovative methods are being carried over to other departments. We thoroughly recommend Michael for his remarkable skills in management innovation and global people management.'

'Thanks again for the training. It was very clear and above all useful!'

'Our team in India used to be completely sidelined from the activities in the HQ. Now, we operate as one global team. Very good manager!'

'Thanks again for the fascinating explanation!'

'I thoroughly enjoyed Michael's training session!' 

'Thanks again for the interesting explanation. If we have any questions or a follow-up, we'll certainly reach out again. Thank you!'

'Michael's keynote was very inspiring and fun to attend!'

'As my manager, I admire Michael's approach as a leader. Michael is a real people manager. His drive and approach to structure our department is a great credit to him. Therefore I also thank Michael for the short but exciting time that we have been able to work together.' 

'Michael quickly deployed a solid foundation for efficient capacity increase and good working mentality.  Output became continuously measured and increased steadily. Heartily recommended.'

'Michael has been helping us to further develop our benchmark engineering team. We are pleased to benefit from his extensive experience in Leadership and People Management!'

'Michael, thank you for the very learnful training.' 

'Thanks you for the interesting explanation. It was very much worth attending.'

'Sincere thanks to Michael for the inspiring words!'

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to inspire your Engineering Team, for example at a team event.

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in Engineering Leadership, Management & Personal Productivity.

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for Engineers and Engineering (Project) Managers

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Opportunity Analysis in Team Development and Knowledge Management

to rapidly develop your Engineering Team & avoid common pitfalls

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Let's talk!


Hello, I'm Michael Houben. I'm an Engineer, the founder of MACH 8, and passionate about developing Engineering Teams.

Over the past 15+ years, I've built my professional career in highly international environments and Fortune 500 Global Engineering Companies. For 12 of these years, I served in various leadership positions, including 3 years as an expat in China. 

During this time, I gained firsthand experience of what it takes to cultivate a Benchmark Engineering Team - a team where trust rules, knowledge flows and grows, and output and quality exceed stakeholder expectations.

I look forward to meet you and assist in developing your Engineering Team!


... or reach out to Michael by phone or email:

+32 492 67 36 38

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