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Team members run from task to task, without ever getting a chance to make solid commitments to stakeholders.

The overall performance of the team is not known. Are we doing better than before, or not?

Team members are not clear on the 'why' of their activities, and how their efforts contribute to the bigger picture.

Cooperation is hard, especially between team members located in different locations and with other teams.

Team members don't know who to contact when they get stuck in their activities.

Knowledge is not captured and shared as it should. Standardization is poor and out-of-date.

Improvement and innovation are ad-hoc instead of continuous.

Systematic training does not exist, and more attention should be paid to the individual development of team members.

MOMENTUM will help you get a grip!

MOMENTUM - the proven method to grow engineering teams to exceptional levels of engagement and output 

✅  Excellence in your organizational development

✅  Excellence in your team member development

✅  Excellence in your technical activities

​For global engineering teams, and local engineering teams going virtual in the (post-)COVID19 era.




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Discover how MOMENTUM can help you in tackling your particular challenges, and in giving clarity and direction to your team.

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Grow your team

Turn your team into an unstoppable force by implementing MOMENTUM. The integration trajectory is adaptable to your exact needs.


Exceed expectations

Reach exceptional levels of engagement and output, and exceed the expectations of your team members AND your stakeholders.



The proven method to grow engineering teams to exceptional levels of engagement and output

  • What value will MOMENTUM bring to me?
    MOMENTUM enables you to bring better products to the market more quickly, because capacity bottlenecks are eliminated by higher team member capability and cooperation. Output can increase 3-fold in just two years. MOMENTUM dramatically reduces the hidden cost of ineffective team member communication and cooperation. Without measures, this cost typically ranges between 10kEUR and 25kEUR per employee PER YEAR! Conservatively estimated, implementing MOMENTUM in a team of 10 engineers will save your organization 100kEUR per year. Besides value in numbers, MOMENTUM creates emotional value because it helps to install a culture of trust within your organization. This results in higher engagement and retention of your engineers, which in turns helps to accelerate your business. Finally, MOMENTUM helps to create social value as your organization will be regarded in your area and sector as a best-place-to-work, where employees get chances to grow and reach new levels of professional and personal excellence.
  • Who developed MOMENTUM?
    MOMENTUM is developed by MACH 8, and exclusively available via MACH 8.
  • What exactly is MOMENTUM?
    MOMENTUM is a proven system to structurally develop your engineering team, and to avoid the problems listed here. In MOMENTUM, we synthesized time-tested leadership principles and over a decade of experience in developing engineering teams worldwide. MOMENTUM exists of 8 interdependent modules, that together create a culture of trust, growth, transparency and commitment. You can basically regard MOMENTUM as pragmatic fastpass to structurally shape your engineering team into an unstoppable force, that will release the maximum potential of your team members. ​In short, you can use MOMENTUM as a blueprint to efficiently grow your team, and to avoid the pitfalls we had to endure the hard way.
  • What are the benefits of MOMENTUM?
    MOMENTUM is designed to give a holistic coverage of the development of your team. Implementation therefore brings a multitude of benefits in the areas of team member development, organizational development AND technical activities. Benefits for the development of your team members: An engaging culture of trust, growth, transparency and commitment. Your team members feel part of something larger! Exciting new career tracks, including a significant increase of cross-team career mobility Great onboarding of new employees Exceptional knowledge sharing and skill development for your team members Ability to position yourself as the employer of choice, and to attract top talent Benefits for the development of your organization: Complete transparency of the organization of your team Complete transparency of the operational activities of your team Bottleneck elimination and vast output increase Continuous improvement and innovation to shape tomorrow's way of working. Keep the competitive edge! Roll back functional fragmentation. Bring your organization back to its roots. Globally aligned methods ​and synchronized cooperation​ Efficient integration of teams, for example during acquisitions and organizational changes Efficient increase of (global) footprint Benefits for your technical activities: Accelerate your ability to innovate Speed up the development of your products Increase the quality of your products
  • Can MOMENTUM be applied in non-engineering teams?
    Yes, MOMENTUM can definitely be applied in non-engineering teams, because it is based on generic time-tested leadership principles and an adaptable 8-module structure.
  • How are the 8 modules of MOMENTUM integrated into my organization?
    MOMENTUM's modules are integrated in 4 phases: Understand > Contrast > Propose > Implement​. The exact integration trajectory is adapted to your specific situation and needs. By measuring the maturity of your team, gaps are identified and reflected back into the integration trajectory. Contact us for more information.
  • I would like to become certified to implement MOMENTUM. Is this possible?
    No, at the moment we do not offer a certification program. MOMENTUM is exclusively available via MACH 8 because this allows us to assure the quality of integration.
  • Who is MOMENTUM for?
    MOMENTUM was originally developed to streamline the activities of global engineering teams. By taking down the barriers that separate the members of global teams (distance, time, culture & knowledge), MOMENTUM enables elevated levels of engagement, efficiency and output. MOMENTUM is also highly suitable for local engineering teams going virtual in the (post-)COVID19 era. These teams will be confronted with similar barriers as their global counterparts, so will have to adopt similar methods to organize themselves.
  • Can MOMENTUM quantify the maturity of my team?
    Yes, because what gets measured gets improved! You can quantify the maturity of individual teams, as well as the maturity of departments that consist of multiple teams. Below figure shows an example.
  • MOMENTUM is very interesting! Where can I find more information?
    You can find more information on MOMENTUM here, or by reaching out to us via phone or email.
  • Will the impact of COVID19 on my team really be that significant?
    In short, yes. The COVID19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the transition towards virtual cooperation. Studies like this one from McKinsey quantify the impact, and the results align with our personal experience of significantly increased home office work. Team members who shared office in the past, are now physically separated. At first, the impact on such 'local' engineering teams will be manageable, but as team members come and go similar barriers as in global engineering teams will arise. Global teams need advanced structures (like synthesized in MACH 8's MOMENTUM method) to reach their highest potential, and so will local teams in the near future. Read more on the impact of COVID19 here.
  • Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
    Sure can! I (Michael) was born and raised in a small Belgian city, back in the early 80s. I'm a PhD in Engineering from the University of Leuven, and devoted most of my professional career to developing engineering teams in Europe and Asia. I lived and worked in China for several years, which had a large impact on the person I am today. I'm happily married to my Chinese wife who I've met in Turkey back in the days we were both working on our PhDs. We have two beautiful children, and currently live in Belgium. I'm an avid reader, and like to go into nature with my mountainbike. You can find more information on our About page.



Hi, my name is Michael Houben, PhD in Engineering and passionate developer of engineering teams. 

For the past +15 years, I developed my professional career in highly internationalized environments and Fortune 500 global engineering companies, 10 years from a leading position including 3 as an expatriate in China. 

During these exciting years of building complex engineering teams worldwide and researching dozens of books on leadership and team development, I gradually uncovered the formula that enables engineering teams (even global and virtual ones!) to perform at exceptional levels of engagement and output. It is this formula that was synthesized in MOMENTUM.

I look forward to guide you towards a successful implementation of MOMENTUM in your team, and to help you exceed the expectations of your team members and your stakeholders!


Dedicated to synergize the success of your engineers and your organization,



'Quickly deployed a solid foundation for efficient capacity increase and good working mentality.

Output became continuously measured and increased steadily.

Heartily recommended.'

General manager, located in China, automotive sector



You can contact Michael directly by phone or email. We are curious about your challenges, and look forward to discuss how MOMENTUM can help to tackle them!

+32 492 67 36 38

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